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Maria De Filippi

Posted by yestore on 01/28/2009

Maria De Filippi

Maria was born in Milan on December 5th 1961 but grew in Pavia, where her family moved to when she was 10 years old. There Maria attended classic Lyceum and the university where she was awarded a degree on law with honours.

Just after commencement she started working first in Milan at the legal office of the videotapes production company, and then since 1989 in Rome, where she moved to, for the major communications consulting agency – the SIMCO S.r.l. There she met Maurizio Costanzo, director of Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi’s Canale 5, Italian TV channel with highest national ratings. Maurizio and Maria married in Rome in 1995, later on they adopted an adolescent Gabriele.

In 1992 along with Alberto Silvestri she created the show “Amici” (in italian – FRIENDS), which she started to host since 1993. “Amici” is the first show in Italy where teenagers and adolescents talk about themselves with a minimum (at least) of realism. In 2002 “Amici” changed its name to “Amici di Maria De Filippi” (Maria De Filippi’s Friends). Similar to the NBC TV-series “Fame”, it features a school with groups of aspiring young singers, dancers and actors who compete against each other, performing live before an audience and a panel of judges and instructors. The show consists of two parts: the learning one and the “Fase Finale”, and is much more complex than its analogues “Fame Academy” (BBC 1), “Star Academy” (TF1), “Pop Idol” (ITV) , “American Idol”(Fox), “A la recherche de la Nouvelle Star”(M6), “DSDS”(RTL).

Then Maria produced and hosted “Amici di Sera” (Evening Friends), “Uomini e Donne” (Men & Women) currently on air on Canale 5, and also “Accade Domani” (It Happened Tomorrow), “Missione Impossibile” (Impossible Mission), “Coppie” (The Couples) – all of these programmes are authored by Maria.

From January 2000 Canale 5 has been airing “C’è Posta Per Te” (You’ve Got Mail), then “Amici”, the school for young promising talents, and also “Volere o Volare” (To Want or to Fly) in 2004 and “Vero Amore” (True Love) in summer 2005, and “Unan1mous” in September 2006.

Maria also published “Amici” for Mondadori, which reached seven editions, and “Evening Friends – the adolescents and the family”, the books with collections of the stories of experiences and adventures as well as impressions of the show contestants.

Both at her work and with her family – Maria is very much devoted to her mother and brother and maintains perfect relations with Costanzo’s children: Saverio and Camilla. Maria has a true passion for the animals, particularly she can’t resist the look of a dog. She keeps two dogs and entrusts many homeless dogs she comes across to her “cosiest” friends. Her most recent passion are the horses and when the job leaves her a little of breath Maria doesn’t miss the opportunity to recover energy by riding her own horse at a beautiful gallop in the open air.

The time left after work, affections and animals, in fact is so little that it is enough for her just to relax. Actually Maria fancies neither to travel nor to appear to beau monde, and often her week-ends are as well devoted to the television: she carries on a correspondence, meets potential guests and leads discussions with her collaborators who are all in perfect harmony with her rhythms.


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